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“This book is right on target – practical advice and simple steps!” Troy works in Alabama as a contractor and craftsman. He enjoyed the humor and honesty of the way the book unfolded.

“It says practical, and it is! Kathryn Lang writes with the experience her life has given. This is a great read for anyone. I learned so much!” Bethany is a student from Colorado and beginning her own journey to the Proverbs life.

Begin to understand the secrets to a life of peace and joy by unlocking some of the keys that are provided in the Book of Proverbs.

Get eight traits from Proverbs and practical tips for each one that will allow you to apply the traits to your life today.

  • Living and giving encouragement – Simple changes in my attitude and my actions began to provide me with the foundation I needed to begin living a life of encouragement.
  • Bearing fruit in all and through all –Good fruit comes from soil that is well prepared, seeds that are properly planted and cared for and a harvest that is brought in at the proper time.
  • Developing an attractive life –Creating an attractive life means investing the consistency to walk in the calling and being willing to sacrifice self for what is right for the temple.
  • Growing a life of wisdom –Searching for wisdom and knowledge persistently develops a heart that is led by the Spirit and not by the limitations of the flesh.
  • Creating a life of organization – An organized life offers more. It creates more space. Organization opens up time and finances. Getting to a place of organization may not be easy for everyone, but it is necessary to reach a life extraordinary.
  • Becoming rested – A rested life means contentment and not a lack of action. Finding the right balance for my life requires understanding my own journey and learning to enjoy that journey no matter where I find myself on the path.
  • Giving it away – Giving requires more than relinquishing possessions. The art of giving comes from ears that listen, eyes that choose to see and a heart centered outside of self.
  • Finding the Right focus – One life completely focused on God can change the world.
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